Wednesday, December 26, 2012

So Many Perler Beads

For the past few weeks I have been making a lot of Perler Bead designs. From getting images offline of other designs, zooming in on video game pixels which is ridiculously hard, and even looking at sprites that are made of just lines and counting them out in bead form. This is still a super fun hobby to do and I have a lot more to continue making for others and myself.

Superman and Batman.



A mini version of my surfing tattoo artist Koko.

A bow I randomly made for her.

Axel from Streets of rage 2.

The Comedian.

Marvin the Martian.

Link from Zelda 2.



The Ultimate Warrior.

Macho Man Randy Savage.

Kakashi Sensei.

Dr. Who.

Earthworm Jim.

Arthur from Ghost N' Goblins.



Ninja Gaiden.


Sagat up close.

Chun Li vs. Sagat.

Mario plant.

Tin Tin.

Jack Kirby style Hulk.

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