Monday, December 3, 2012

Dante Makes More Perler Beads

This weekend I worked on a few more Perler Bead patterns. I get most of the images from offline and try my best to mock them. Most times I don't have the right amount of certain colors or just straight up don't have them at all and work with what I have. Like with these designs I didn't have black beads (yes, still) so I used a dark gray. Up first is Gilian Thunderhead from the old Golden Axe game. I used a bit more heat on this one to make it smoother. I also had to do it in two parts since my grid I use to place the beads on is warped.

Next is Naruto. I love this one. His hair was ridiculous to do so I changed it up some. The people that create these originally are amazing and hopefully soon I'll be making my own original designs.  

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