Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Introducing My Cavemen Drawings

Thagg, Knurd, Rob, and Mary escape dodos.

Years back I created a group of cavemen after wondering what it would have been like to be the first...something. I ended up with Rob, the first loser. Thagg the Chucker, the first Black man. Knurd, the first alcoholic. Dick, the first asshole. Whatchusay, the first racist. And finally, Mary, the first...whatever Mary is. These characters were and are fun to draw because it only takes a few minutes and it gives me a chance to draw rocks as the only background.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing "Fourstar"

Since we as humans can not function without some form of accountability, I have decided to start posting my art. This blog had a different name but I took those two blogs and posted them at Dantania. On that site I have my short films, blogs, podcasts, and ramblings about stuff. This site will be just for my art and a random podcast I plan on starting where I pick a topic and discuss it with my friends.

This blog, Long Black Fingers, is going to be about whoring not only my stuff but friends as well. So if you have any projects or anything that you want me to discuss I'll do it. Just don't suck. Its not fun to tell friends they suck. Thankfully I have friends who rule at what they do for fun or professionally. Now for this first installment I will post about a character I created named Fourstar.

Fourstar, Grin, and Botoxxx.

I created Fourstar when I was about 16 years old. His original name was Rooftop. Why? Because he was going to only travel by rooftop, never on the ground. If crime happened on the ground he would just report it to the cops. It was a real asshole thing to do so I just stretched it for him to be a complete asshole. He charges the city for protection per crime. How's that for dickish?