Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Big Ass Perler Sneaker

I started a small part of this last night and completed the rest this morning. I was gonna make a pair of Jordan's that Cave Of Pixels has done but I am tired of making other folks stuff. I did this based off of a pixel shoe and added more colors because it was just red, white, and blue. I did it in three pieces. The front of the shoe, the back, and then added the top. This is huge. Its 23 inches wide and 13 high. I'm gonna hang it up. Doubt I have a frame big enough.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Luke Skywalker Perler Bead

I did this Luke Skywalker Perler bead earlier today based off of a Lego design made by Creative Square Studio. This thing was difficult to do. I'll get around to framing it.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Powdered Toast Man Perler

Recreated this Powdered Toast Man from Ren & Stimpy based on a design done by Pixelated Pop on Etsy. Click here to check their stuff out. Lots of awesome designs.

Super Mario World Koopa Clown Car Bowser Perler Bead

This Super Mario World Bowser in the Koopa Clown Car is from the sprites from the game. Sprites are one of the best way to learn how to do these. In the best case scenario one sprite/pixel equals one bead so don't be shocked when something you think will be small turns out four times larger than you expected. This was done in three sections. The top with Bowser, the cup, and then the propeller.