Friday, February 14, 2014


Years ago I created this character named Royce Danish. He got the name because I was eating a danish and there was a Rolls Royce magazine on a shelf. His named could've easily been Snicker's Home & Garden.

When I first created him he was an old man that paid people to do horrible things. I twisted that around and eventually created The Enabler (CLICK HERE TO ORDER) and Royce's tale took on a life of its own. There's Royce the youngest, his sister Anne, and eldest Albany. They are all dangerous people but none more so than Royce.

I drew him a day or so ago trying to change him up a little bit. I am gonna start practicing my shading because he and a few of my other characters need to look dirtier. I've included a before and after picture of him as well as an excerpt from one of his many stories. Let me explain a little bit of what happened. Lady, who works for Anne, was attacked and instead of going to a doctor Royce decides to treat the wounds himself.