Friday, September 14, 2012

Introducing "Fourstar"

Since we as humans can not function without some form of accountability, I have decided to start posting my art. This blog had a different name but I took those two blogs and posted them at Dantania. On that site I have my short films, blogs, podcasts, and ramblings about stuff. This site will be just for my art and a random podcast I plan on starting where I pick a topic and discuss it with my friends.

This blog, Long Black Fingers, is going to be about whoring not only my stuff but friends as well. So if you have any projects or anything that you want me to discuss I'll do it. Just don't suck. Its not fun to tell friends they suck. Thankfully I have friends who rule at what they do for fun or professionally. Now for this first installment I will post about a character I created named Fourstar.

Fourstar, Grin, and Botoxxx.

I created Fourstar when I was about 16 years old. His original name was Rooftop. Why? Because he was going to only travel by rooftop, never on the ground. If crime happened on the ground he would just report it to the cops. It was a real asshole thing to do so I just stretched it for him to be a complete asshole. He charges the city for protection per crime. How's that for dickish?

His main villain is Grin, who is a normal guy that just wanted to make a few dollars. Answering an add in a paper Fourstar's mom sewed up a costume consisting of high heel, a thong with a zipper, and a creepy smile. Grin eventually adjusted to the costume that he cant remove. Like...he physically can not get out of it.

Botoxxx and Grin.

The other villain is Botoxxx. She's a formerly hot chick who after botched surgery started wearing a mask and committing crime. When I first drew her she has a stocking on her face and crazy eyes. Fetish masks are far creepier so I gave her that. She is in love with Grin but he has seen her without her mask and could not attain an erection for two months afterward.

Onyx and Fourstar.

Onyx is the opposite of Fourstar. He's a normal guy with no powers and protects the city for free. He is a better human being than Fourstar in every sense. I forgot to mention that Fourstar is super strong (Grin after being thrown through a wall said that he had “retard strength”) and though he cant be killed by bullets, they do make him scream in pain.

There are dozens of stories for these characters but I have only written a few on paper. In my head the series ended a few years ago but I still like drawing them and changing their looks up. Right now I am adding to Fourstar's costume, making his legs smaller and adding a small American flag printed cape. Here is an excerpt from one of the stories I wrote. If anyone reads this and wants to see more I will post them.

“Who is this?” he asks me.

“Uh…I’m calling about the ad” I tell him. I was already having second thoughts about calling. But like I said, I needed the cash.

“How tall are you?” he asked. “And how big are you? You a fat fella? Kinda heavy? Big in the britches? Mama’s boy? Tub of goo? Speak, man! How many of you will stop an elevator?!”

“I’m in okay shape” I tell him. “Not working so I don’t have the cash to eat all that much.”

“Good” he said. “But I swear if you’re a fat ass I will punch a hole through your chest. Okay. You free today? Of course you are. You don’t have a job. Meet me in fifteen minutes on 5th and Harmony. You know how to get there?”

“Yeah” I say.

“Smooth. There’s an alley over there. Meet me there and be on time. I swear to God if you’re late I will find you and pull your tongue out through your ass! And you know I can do that.”

He hangs up and I head out. I get there in nine minutes. I ran faster than I ever have in my life. You all know this guy and what he can do. He would for real pull my tongue out through my ass. I arrive and wait around for him. The alley gets dark and there he is.


“Hey, you’re not a fat body!” he says and throws a grocery bag at me. “Put that on. And I don’t wanna hear you say shit about it! My mom sewed that herself.”

I open up the bag and pull out a pair of almost knee high buckled pink eight inch heels. Then a purple bodysuit with a happy face in the center of the chest. Pink gloves with buckles. And to top it all off…a pink thong with a zipper in the front.

“Oh, God…” I moan. “Uh, yeah. So, like, huh?”

“Awesome, right?” Fourstar says all excited like. “Took mom days to make it. The happy face was my idea. Stop staring at it and put it on, woman!”


Hoozle said...

I think Grinn is way creepier than Botoxx. Brrr. I can't imagine where that story is going. When did you write that particular piece?

My only semi-creative hobby for a long time has been cooking and now I'm thinking of taking up baking -would that count? And I've recently got back into sewing and making clothes so if I'm happy with the way something turns out, I'll send you some photos.

Dante said...

Grin is creepier but the most normal person in that city. He is one of the few people to realize how absurd it is to pay a superhero for protection. I thought I wrote the story early this year or late last year. It was in 2010. Time did the flying.

Of course sewing and baking counts!