Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Introducing My Cavemen Drawings

Thagg, Knurd, Rob, and Mary escape dodos.

Years back I created a group of cavemen after wondering what it would have been like to be the first...something. I ended up with Rob, the first loser. Thagg the Chucker, the first Black man. Knurd, the first alcoholic. Dick, the first asshole. Whatchusay, the first racist. And finally, Mary, the first...whatever Mary is. These characters were and are fun to draw because it only takes a few minutes and it gives me a chance to draw rocks as the only background.

Thagg and sabretooths.

I had written and drawn a short story where women were first discovered after a volcano stuffed with pink maxipad wrappers erupted showering the land and confusing everyone. But Mary knew what they were and freaked out, not wanting Thagg to find out that there were better looking things than Mary. The character Rob is constantly being chased or attacked by dodos, which I have made the deadliest animal to ever exist. The character, Dick, wears a suit made of their skin and is the only one that knows how to kill them but tells no one.

Rob and dodos.

I never settled on a name for this series of characters. I'm sure I stopped thinking about it because I finally started getting laid on a regular basis or something like that. But I do miss drawing them and will as soon as I am done with this damned Fourstar picture.


Hoozle said...

I like the sense of motion in these drawings, they almost feel like cartoons rather than 2d drawings. For some reason when I look at the cavemen running from the dodos (how can something so cute be so deadly?) I hear Benny Hill-style music in my head.

Dante said...

When I first made the dodos I wanted them to look cute when they were calm and look insane when they were attacking. They can go through the ground and have a fin sticking out like a shark.

And Benny Hill music plays in my head at least twice a day.