Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dante Making Perler Beads

A couple of weeks ago I got addicted to making Perler Beads. These things are too damn fun to make. Oh, and also aggravating if you mess up. I started off making really simple designs and quickly tried making ridiculously difficult ones that require a super steady hand. So far my favorite to create have been video game characters. They are simpler and easy to find images of online. Just Google what you‘re looking for and hopefully someone else has already created it or something close to what you want.

Feeling bold I made one for The Munky. It’s the creature from Alien and was so damned hard to do! Look at that damned tail. I messed it up a few times ironing it and had to let it cool off and attempt to get everything in order all over again. I’m happy with how it came out but wish I had more beads to make the tail even longer.

One of my favorite ones I’ve done so far is Batman. This one was really hard and based on the Batman & Robin video game. I ended up using almost all of my black beads doing this. I haven’t figured out where I‘m gonna put him but it’ll be somewhere over my bed probably.

Next was Voltron. This little mofo was hard just because all of the colors involved. I wanted to make his sword as well but I ran out of the proper color of grey by the time I even thought of it.

I made Michael Jackson for Cam. Looking at it makes me chuckle and I like it.

The last thing I’ve made until I get more black beads (which by the way you will run out of faster than anything else!) is Koffin from Pokemon. This is my favorite character from it. He looks goofy as all get out. I ran out of purple so I had to use another. I still think it came out fine.

If you want to get these try Jo-Ann’s or Michael’s. Each place was out of black beads when I went the last time so Cam ordered me a shit load of them from Amazon. If you wanna just mess around with these they have them at Walmart and IKEA as well.

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