Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Large Incredible Hulk Perler Mosaic

I saw this design of The Incredible Hulk originally done by Chef Chad (click here to check out the original and his other art) and wondered if I could give it a try and how big it would be. It was originally done in Lego which for me is a fun new way to find designs along with video game sprites and pixel art.

When I started this I was like "This might be a bad idea" the same way I did with the Bruce Lee design. I also realized that I may not have as many dark gray beads as I needed.

At this point people post photos and say "I made this!" and I laugh because beads that are not ironed on a board are not done. Ironing is the hardest part of the process of making beads I have found out at least for me and it bugs me when people announce they are finished. It is like starting a song and thinking because you have a good hook it's complete. It's not.

This ended up being done in four pieces. Three fourths of the way in I realized that the way I started made it harder than it needed to be but I am happy with the end result and will frame it. Chef Chad was inspired by an image drawn by Dale Keown which I'll include.


Jackie S. said...

This is, by far, one of the best ones you have made! Awesome!

Dante said...

Thank you. In person you're able to see how crazy it is putting that many beads together. It is still my favorite right now.