Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Creepy Handmade Clay Hands

Last week I went out to Blick's on Beverly and bought some clay. Now that I am done making Perler bead designs and haven't started knitting yet I wanted something new to do. I'd done some sculpting in high school but wouldn't say that I was good at it. I found this clay, Della Robbia, that comes in a 4 pound square for about $6.

I decided to make a small bear (not pictured) and then for whatever reason an alien hand. The one with three fingers. I liked the way it looked and then made another one. I thought I was done but then I decided to paint them. This is when things got weird.

The green one looks and feels cool. They look bigger than they are which is why I added the quarter for scaling purposes. I used probably four coat of Modge Podge for this which seems excessive but each coat I added made it feel stranger and smoother so I liked it.

For the fatter hand I planned on just painting it brown and maybe etching in some fur. But then I painted it red and mixed in a bit of brown. After a few coats of Modge Podge I wanted it to get weirder because it was too plain. So I added an eye.

I have a bag of googly eyes that Cam gave me years ago and never got to use them for anything. Then I flipped the hand over and thought “More googly eyes.” So I added more. Lots more.

These are really fun to look at as they sit across the room from me on the chair. They are really shiny and look wet which is cool. The googly eyes move so if you pick up the red one the eyes move around. The green one feels like someone chopped an aliens' hand off. I look forward to making some creepy ass face next.

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