Friday, July 22, 2016

Jake The Snake Roberts Perler Bead

I did this Jake The Snake Roberts Perler based from the Wrestlefest arcade game from 1991. I did that Mr. Perfect one a few days ago and it took days to complete after work. This one took just a little over 5 hours. I love this thing and am happy that after years of wanting to do these off one of my favorite games and of two of my favorite wrestlers. I changed the color of his tights because the game has shades of gray that I have never owned and I like the blue ones better anyway.


Daddy Mac said...

How did you know what colors to use? I am doing one with my son and would love to know how to do it. We have everything.

Would love to learn

Dante said...

If it is based off of pixels (sprites) like this one when you zoom in you can see which ones you'll need. Then it is just a matter of counting. Here is a site I use for sprites.

Daddy Mac said...

Great. Thank you. Trying to use bead it so I know exactly what colors and how many I need. We shall see how it goes