Friday, December 11, 2015

The Finished Perler Wall

As of today I am done with the wall of Perler beads. I ended up using small nails this time instead of tacks like in the past. There are over four hundred of these in this style that was inspired by Gotham City Crafts. I am sure others have worked in this style but I first discovered it through him.

The longer I worked on these the more complicated I tried to be. I started making ones that I could not find anywhere else and thinking of obscure characters to make. Different Spiderman versions, Batman, and TV shows. I don't sell these ever and the beads I have not destroyed to make other beads have been given away to friends for free. But, I have discovered someone online copying my designs and selling them for $3 a piece.

I do not mind anyone using the designs I make that are original. I intentionally try to make my pictures as clear as possible in good lighting so others can do them if they want. It just stinks that some folks are copying what I do, even the mistakes I make, and selling them to people. Anything I make you can make! If you are a fan of these crazy beads go ahead and make them yourself. Don't spend money on thieves.


Dallas Dowdy said...

That's a real shame. I loved your designs (and building upon them myself). Guess I'll have to pick up your dropped slack and start a new blog for perlers of this style soon. :-P

Good luck with your endeavors! You were and are an inspiration. :-)

Dante said...

Thanks. I'm not done, like, forever. I recently started framing my bigger designs to hang in my hallway and will be posting that this weekend. If you ever post some stuff let me know on here. I'd love to see them. And thanks for checking my beads out.