Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wonder Woman Decoupage Table

The other afternoon I was watching stuff online and saw someone make a table that they covered with comic books. I says to myself I say “I could maybe do that...I think.” Worse case scenario I ruin a table that cost $3 at the thrift store or an old Wonder Woman encyclopedia that was gathering dust in my closet.

As far as materials used it was:

1 $7.99 Modge Podge
1 $3 table from Out of the Closet
1 Wonder Woman Encyclopedia (any comic book will work)
1 small paint brush
1 $5.99 can Krylon matte finish spray

I headed to Aaron Bros. here in WeHo which is full of very unhelpful staff. Seriously. Read their Yelp page. Its hilarious. I knew that I needed more Modge Podge so I bought two. Turns out I only needed one for this but you can never really have too much of the stuff.

I cut out each image after tearing it out and laid some Modge Podge on top. The stuff dries clear so I wasn't worried about using too much. There are some issues with bubbling but since I'm not selling it or anything I don't mind too much. Plus, its my first time doing something like this so I need to learn to give myself a break.

After about 3 ½ to 4 hours it was done. The stuff dries pretty fast and doesn't stink so that is a plus. I am gonna head out to buy a lacquer coating of some sort to totally protect it from spills and such. Just got back from store and turns out the spray can I owned is what I needed. I removed the legs as I did this so they can still be taken off if I need to. I was this close to doing it as one whole piece but that would be silly. This is totally something that anyone can do. I'm not someone that describes themselves as good with a brush or anything but felt comfortable enough making this. 


Hazel said...

That's really cool, it looks amazing. There's a cafe in Belfast that has three tables done the same way and it's made the place so quirky and full of character. I had no idea you were such a big Wonder Woman fan.

Dante said...

Thanks! I will probably make a couple more things for friends since people seem to really like it. I don't have many books to ruin this way though. I love Wonder Woman which is why I get so bothered by how badly the character is handled in movies and TV.

Sort of Camille said...

I like your image selection and placement. Looks cool and I'll probably never see it, again!

Dante said...

That sounds morbid. Am I dying sooner than I thought?