Monday, May 5, 2014

New Fourstar And Grin Drawing

Back in high school I created a character named Rooftop. He had a downward facing arrow on his chest and his thing was that he would only fight crime on roofs. I designed him to look like a old fashioned superhero. Over time I changed him into an asshole that would only fight crime if he were paid. He became Fourstar.

His villain or victim is Grin. Grin was created because I wanted Fourstar to have someone to face repeatedly but not be an actual threat but someone you felt bad for. He was hired to be a bad guy by Fourstar who would then split the profits with him. That never happened. Grin's outfit was made by Fourstar's mother. It is a purple body suit with pink gloves, boots, and a zippered thong. Grin can not remove the outfit. Ever. He doesn't know how.

Name: Fourstar
Height: 6'8”
Weight: 330lbs.
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Age: Unknown
Powers: Super strength. Bullet proof (though he does feel the pain). Bionic speed. Ultra thick skin. Winning smile.
Weaknesses: Cats. Uncoordinated outfits. Cookies. Being hit really hard.

Name: Grin
Height: 5'6”
Weight: 102lbs. (on a good day)
Location: Skid Row, CA
Age: 23
Powers: High pitched screams. Steel reenforced stick pony named Stick Pony. Gun with bullets donated by the public. 
Weaknesses: Pain. Fire. Sharp objects. Water. Slipper surfaces. Broken high heels. 

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