Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Luigi And Baby Princess Peach Perler Beads

I finally got my new beads! I made a Baby Luigi and Baby Princess Peach.


Anonymous said...

Nice job..
Btw, i found your page by this man,
He stole a lot of picture and, didnt notice that he didnt made it.. He had congratulations from members of this page and don't say " It's not me " but ' thanks " ... like he had made it :x

Dante said...

I'm not sure if you are saying I stole the images or someone else did. Either way, I find most of the designs I make online and duplicate them. While I have made some original ones from pixels from games the designs are not original.

I've never sold mine and never will. If a friend wants one I'll just give them to away. Most are just to see if I can make them. So no one stole from me. They can take credit from getting a design I got from someone else and I don't mind at all unless its my actual picture. I try to take large images that are as clear as possible so others can use them.